Waterways of Russia - bodies of water and waterways used for the transport of goods and passengers. Waterways consist of inland waterways, as well as seas and straits washing the Russian Federation;

The Unified Deep Water System of the European Part of Russia (UDWS) is a system of inland waterways of Russia with a length of 6,500 kilometers, connecting the White Sea, the Baltic Sea, Onega and Ladoga lakes, the Volga rivers, Moscow, Kama, Don, Caspian and Azov seas.

According to Rosmorrechflot, the length of federal inland waterways is 101,700 km, in particular, with guaranteed navigational dimensions - more than 50 thousand km. In terms of overall length, Russia is second only to China (110,000 km) and ahead of Brazil (50,000 km).

The waterways cover more than 60 regions of the country. Almost 80% of them are used to transport passengers and goods in the Far North, providing "northern delivery" (17 million tons of cargo per year).

Approximately 16,000 km of waterways in Russia are artificial (canals, reservoirs, flooded rivers). 

The infrastructure of the inland waterways of Russia includes: more than 130 river ports, 608 berths, 723 navigational hydraulic structures, including 128 canals and 108 locks (according to 2015 data). 20% of such structures are classified as unsatisfactory and dangerous.


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