Международный транспортный коридор «Север-Юг»

International Transport Corridor "North-South"

The North-South International Transport Corridor (ITC) is an ambitious project to create a multimodal passenger and cargo transport route from the seaport of St. Petersburg to one of the largest ports on the western coast of India - Mumbai, with a total length of 7200 km.

The direction includes sea routes from the port of Mumbai to the Iranian ports of Chehbehar and Bandar Abbas, railway routes through Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia, sea transportation in the Caspian Sea, including the development of river routes, as well as highways through the territory of Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Republic of Kazakhstan , Turkmenistan, Iran and Russia.

As part of the development of the North-South ITC, it is planned, if necessary, to reconstruct highways and railways, modernize international checkpoints and port infrastructure, transport, which is necessary for a mutual increase in freight traffic, which corresponds to the agenda of international cooperation of the countries participating in the project.

MTC "North-South" is one of the priority development areas in accordance with the transport strategy of the Russian Federation until 2030 with a forecast for 2035, as well as the strategy for the development of railway transport in the Russian Federation until 2030.