TRANSTEC 2021 будет организован совместно с АНО «Дирекция международных транспортных коридоров»

TRANSTEC 2021 will be organized jointly with ANO "Directorate of International Transport Corridors"

TRANSTEC 2021 will be organized jointly with ANO "Directorate of International Transport Corridors"

June 16th, the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Directorate of International Transport Corridors (ANO DITC) represented by General Director Alexey Petrov and LLC NEVA-International, the organizer of the international forum for the development of transport corridors TRANSTEC, represented by General Director Alexander Ulyanov signed an agreement about cooperation. The upcoming TRANSTEC 2021 Forum will be held in the co-organization of two companies in St. Petersburg from 21st to 24th September.  

The autonomous non-profit organization "Directorate of International Transport Corridors" was established by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated April 10, 2020 No. 969-р. 
The development and improvement of the efficiency of the use of international transport corridors passing through the territory of the Russian Federation constitute an integral part of the development of the transport system of the Russian Federation. 
The organization is aimed at performing tasks related to the organization of expert, analytical and information support for the adoption of coordinated management decisions by federal executive authorities, development and business institutions for the development and effective use of international transport corridors. 
The powers of the founder of ANO "DITC" on behalf of the Russian Federation are exercised by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Together with other departments, ANO "DITC" will take part in making decisions on the development of international transport corridors passing through the territory of Russia. One of the tasks of the Directorate is to form a common understanding of the existing possibilities of transport infrastructure and carriers along the routes of the ITC, including the territories of foreign states, countries participating in the North-South corridor. The tasks of creating infrastructure facilities (roads and railways, port terminals, checkpoints, agricultural and industrial TLCs), as well as international joint transport enterprises are being solved. 
In addition, ANO "DITC" will analyze information on current and future production, market export demand for Russian goods, development of competing routes of international transport corridors bypassing Russia.

In turn, the TRANSTEC forum was organized to help create favorable conditions for breakthrough scientific, technological and socio-economic development of regions interested in improving existing and developing new transport corridors. Traditionally, representatives of government bodies, professional associations, research centers, transport and industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation and abroad take part in it.